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Publications office of International Burch University represents the main meeting point of all types of publications coming from inside of the University as a result of a quality process, and science based approach.

The publication office serves  the academic and administrative staff of International Burch University with a professional approach to the creation of vibrant, high quality, recognizable and unique material (journals, books, proceedings, symposium proceedings, guides and any other related material). All this is done with the ongoing approach from the conception to the final printed sample.

Responsibilities of Publications office are:


  • Being a mediator between library, designers and University staff in the process of preparing valuable publications
  • Working on standardization of all official publications by University, wherefore we will build a unique, standardized and recognizable material
  • Providing proofreading service, contact with other publishers (i.e. Cambridge publishing)
  • Preparing the annual report on University's publications which will be part University's self-evaluation report
  • Maintaining Publication office web page
  • Thesis and Project format checking in the final stage.


  • Sharing knowledge with Journal Editors from the University in terms of  tracking journal articles, creating and updating the web page content and other issues.
  • Promoting University's publications online via social networks and by preparing other types of promotion materials with Journal Editors
  • Assisting in preparation of all University's Journals to be included into valuable databases (Scopus, Elsevier, Thompson Reuters...)
  • Standardize online submission system for all journals
  • Work on impact factor tracking of all journals
  • Promote plagiarism free content through usage of Cross Check
  • Monitoring of Journal issues and making sure that they use APA referencing style
  • Continuously working on adding Doi numbers for journal articles
  • Assuring that all articles are standardised with the same format requirements plus grammar corrections
  • Reviewing draft version of journal issue to eliminate errors before publishing
  • Continuously checking and suggesting corrections for journal’s web page


  • Helping in Conference proceedings and Book of abstract preparations as well as resolving the issues of ISSN, ISBN  numbers


  • Checking language, format and reference before the book is finally published
  • Ordering ISBN number with librarian for the given book
  • Working on cover page design proposal